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GIVING WRESTLER'S THE EDGE. When you step into a RUDIS wrestling shoe, the athlete should feel their power being harnessed and ready for the mind and body to activate it's energy as soon as your foot touches the mat.


Building a premium wrestling shoe begins with an inherent knowledge of the training and the peak performance needs of athletes at all levels. By developing performance-based materials and technology from beyond the sport, RUDIS is driving new innovation to the sport of wrestling. Constructed with a focus on form and function, the RUDIS wrestling shoes also integrates a superior aesthetic through our design. Our goal is to target the most aspirational minds in wrestling, who are driven to gain a competitive edge.


This Year's Evolution

1. All RUDIS Wrestling shoes offer a unique out of the box performance feel with customized features and a true to size fit

2. Omni-Direction outsoles provide superior grip, fluid motion, and explosion on the mat

3. Re-engineered materials for outstanding durability

4. Our 4 distinct models offer a broad offering to elevate your style for every performance-based need