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Sarah Hildebrandt is crossing boundaries and setting a legacy for herself and women's wrestling.

Growing up in a wrestling family of 2 brothers and a sister, the competitive spirit grew naturally within as she used her siblings for both inspiration and practice opponents. In middle school, she joined her school's wrestling team going undefeated against boys the entire season. Sarah went on to attend King University to pursue her education and wrestling goals. During her time at King, Hildebrandt was a 4x WCWA National Finalist and 2x National Champion. Post-college, Sarah represents the USA continuing to hit international ranks. She is a 4X Pan American Championships Champion, 3x World Team Member and 2018 World Silver Medalist amongst countless other wrestling accolades. Beyond her competition goals, Sarah is determined to grow the field of women in wrestling at all levels.

Sarah became RUDIS' first female signed athlete in 2018. We continue to shine a light on her ongoing legacy and the impact it has on wrestling.

Career Highlights

4x Pan American Championships Champion (2013, 2015, 2018, 2019)

2018 World Silver Medalist

2x Final X Champion (2018, 2019)

3x World Team Member (2016, 2018, 2019)

2018 US Open Champion

2018 Outstanding Wrestler Ukrainian Memorial Champion

2x WCWA College National Champion
Yarygin Grand Prix Champion (2019)

“I am intensely motivated by the sheer desire to be the greatest in the world and I will unapologetically chase this goal. At whatever cost, I am willing to put forth. It wakes me up early in the morning, ready to attack. It dominates my free moments of thought throughout the day. It dictates nearly every single decision I make. It is my obsession.” Sarah Hildebrandt

“I envision a legacy of a woman who is kind and grateful to the sport, her team, her craft. In contrast, I also envision a legacy of a woman who is relentless. Who is ferocious. A fighter.  There are two sides of me, and I hope they are both evident at the end of my career. Day to day, I am naturally living my envisioned legacy.” Sarah Hildebrandt

Personal Stats

Club: New York AC/USOPTC

Weight: 50kg

Birthday: September 23, 1993


The Sarah Hildebrandt's collection captures her unconventional yet, fierce personality. With a determined sense of positivity, she is striving for excellence in her wrestling career and throughout her life.