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Kyle Snyder continues to make history as a trailblazing athlete.

For the youngest Olympic Gold medalist and youngest World Champion in American Wrestling History, overcoming the odds is not uncommon. He is also the youngest wrestler ever to win the World, NCAA, and Olympic championships in the same year a Triple Crown of American wrestling that hadn't been accomplished in a generation until he completed his sweep at the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Around 5th grade, Snyder started to see Team Kolat competing at the different tournaments he was attending in Maryland.  He admired the toughness and technical skill level of the kids on Team Kolat.  He began training there periodically throughout high school sharpening his skills and developing the mindset required to accomplish the incredible challenges he soon face.

The first major hurdle Snyder faced was getting pinned in the NCAA Finals his freshman year.  Before that, growing up, he would mostly wrestle older kids that were at his size and skill level.  Wrestling older kids was not good for his win-loss record but it was good for developing his skills and mindset.

Kyle Snyder did something in high school that was not as common as it is today.  He made the move to be able to train at the Olympic Training Center.  Looking back, at the time it didn’t set in how big of a decision it was for Snyder and his family.  There weren’t high enough level training partners for Snyder at his high school, so the decision was easy.  Especially with the level of coaching he would have access to from Coach Brandon Slay and Coach Bill Zadick.

Beyond getting physically stronger and dialing in technique, Snyder was able to grow mentally as he went on to wrestle for The Ohio State University.  During the season it can be hard to make major mental changes while wrestling every week.  Now that Snyder had some time to step back, he was able to wrestle closer to his potential in matches and not just in practice.  Snyder lived up to the quote “Work until your idols become your rivals” when he defeated Russia’s Abdusalam Gadisov in the World Championship match.  As a testament to how much he grew mentally and technically during the summer, Snyder was able to use a move he just learned to secure the last takedown of the match.

Snyder announced his partnership with RUDIS with a letter to the wrestling community titled Dear Wrestling.

Career Highlights

Olympic Champion (2016)
World Champion (2015, 2017)
3x NCAA National Champion (2015, 2016, 2017)
3x Big Ten Champion (2016, 2017, 2018)
Yarigan Champion (2017, 2018)
World Team Member (2016,2017,2018,2019)
World Cup Champion (2016)
US Open Champion (2015)
3x Pan American Champion (2015, 2017, 2019)

"Have a fearless attitude and relentless effort.  Go beyond the call of duty.  Outwork the competition.  Believe in yourself" – Kyle Snyder

“POSITIVE INFINITY. It is limitless. It is a lifestyle. It is a mindset. In all circumstances there is a choice, we always choose positive.” – Kyle Snyder

Personal Stats

Club: Nittany Lion Wrestling Club

Weight: 97 kg

Birthday: November 20, 1995


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