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Kayla Miracle continues to make an impact on our sport both on the mat and off.  Miracle is breaking boundaries and paving the way for female wrestlers as she turns her aspirations into realities.

Kayla grew up surrounded by two brothers and a father who wrestled.  Tagging along at practices intrigued her to try it out and as soon as she did it was evident that she was a natural.  During her first year wrestling, she won a Washington Freestyle State Championship.  During her first and second years of high school, she made the Cadet World Team finishing second in her sophomore year.  She became the first female to qualify for the Indiana State High School Wrestling Tournament in 2012.  Kayla moved on to Campbellsville where her father was hired as the head women's wrestling coach.  There she won four Women's Collegiate Wrestling Association national titles and two Junior World Championship bronze medals.

Following her success at Campbellsville, she joined the Hawkeye Wrestling Club to continue pursuing her goals.

Career Highlights

4x WCWA College National Champion (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018)

2019 Pan American Gold Medalist

2019 Final X Champion

2019 US World Team Member

2019 U23 World Silver Medalist

3x US Open Champion (2017, 2018, 2019)

2x Dave Schultz Memorial International Champion (2016, 2018)

Two-time Junior World Bronze Medalist (2014, 2015)

Two-time Cadet World Silver Medalist (2012, 2013)

“Thinking about where I am and how far I can go, pushes me beyond my comfort zone. I strive to reach a higher level every day and become my best self not only on the mat but off the mat. I just want to get better. 1% every day.” – Kayla Miracle

Personal Stats

Club: Sunkist Kids

Weight: 62kg

Birthday: April 26, 1996